Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring Thaw — a new photograph

The daffodils in the back yard started opening a couple of days ago, and today I noticed some other flowers (species unknown to me, of course) on the front lawn. I've taken some shots of them, but before I start posting the flowery bits, I figured I might as well post a shot from a few weeks ago: melting ice on a calm stretch of a local waterway. I've actually done more color experimentation on this one than I normally like to do. I happen to like this version best:

Melting ice, Spring thaw, Sugar River, Croydon NH

I killed the color and then enriched the black with a little hint of blue. If you'd like to see an alternate version, with the color actually punched up pretty significantly from how it was shot, click here.

Critiques, as always, are welcome. Let me know which version you prefer...and whether you think either is any good or whether they're both just awful.


  1. amazing picture. you are a real talent! ;)

  2. Definitly like the second one better... the contrast is more striking.

  3. just me, thanks for the compliment. It's really flattering to get high praise from a complete stranger. Somehow, it's easier to believe that praise is genuine that way. :- )

    melanie, thanks for the feedback. I always have a difficult time deciding between different versions of my images. I have yet to really get a grip on what makes an image a success or failure. Great to get another opinion. :- )

  4. I agree with Melanie, the second one shows detail better. I really enjoy all your photos. The crocuses are great.

  5. Thanks for the comment, Clover. I appreciate the opinion on which is better. And it's always nice to receive encouragement on my little hobby. :- )