Thursday, June 7, 2007

Blog Reviews, a mixed bag

In my ongoing attempts to increase the traffic to my blog, I got it into my head a few weeks ago to seek out free blog review sites. I found a few and submitted my blog to them. So far, three such sites have published their reviews of this blog.

The first is the worst: which the reviewer was kind enough to spell my name incorrectly twice (in different ways) and correctly zero times.

The second is considerably better: which I got some good advice. I'm not sure whether it will truly influence my blogging habits, but at least it's food for thought.

The third is my favorite: This one is very brief (which is neither criticism nor praise, rather just observation), and complimentary (which is flattering). I scored pretty well on this one, which is nice.

Unfortunately, none of these three reviews has resulted in a substantial increase in my traffic. So in that sense, getting my site reviewed was a bit of a failure. However, I have now cracked the top million(!) blogs, as listed in Technorati, which seems to rank blogs by the number of other blogs that link to them. I have no idea how many blogs are in Technorati's database, but I'm looking at a ranking in the top million as being a significant milestone.