Friday, August 28, 2009

02009 New Year's Resolution #23: Buy More Shoes

There are some people who would get more out of resolving to stop buying shoes for a year. Some people have too many shoes and buy shoes way too frequently. This is good for the economy, of course. Otherwise, it's really pretty silly.

I am closer to the other end of the spectrum. I have a few pair of dressy shoes, rarely worn. The super-fancy Stacy Adams faux-snake skin shoes were bought specifically for our wedding to go with my zoot tux. And the only reason why I have a second pair of "normal dressy" shoes is that I needed to quickly acquire a funeral-worthy outfit in the middle of a vacation.

I pretty much have three pair of shoes that I wear on a regular basis. Of those three, my darling wife bought one and it was at her insistence that I bought another. That last pair was bought at least a year ago (probably two) and has in recent months become the pair I wear to work. The remaining pair, which is my "wear around the house and in everyday casual life" pair was bought some years ago and is wearing out. The soles are in miserable shape and the foot bed is too.

Well, here's New Year's Resolution #23 for the year:

I resolve to buy a pair of shoes to replace those. In fact, I'm going to swallow my pride and buy a pair of Crocs (in one of the vaguely respectable colors). They're cheaper than what I would otherwise buy (probably another pair of Merrells to replace the worn out pair) and they're supposed to be super-comfortable and potentially good for me ergonomically.

Oh, I almost forgot: I also have a pair of soccer cleats that I use when I go out to throw boomerangs. I keep them in the trunk of my car and I expect that I won't wear them out for a decade or more.


  1. Those faux-snake skin shoes are perfect for a trip to Vermont. :)

  2. Maybe I'll remember to wear them when we visit. They're not the most comfortable shoes in the world, though.