Saturday, October 9, 2010

Poem #22

When I wake up in the morning
and discover that I have been sleeping on my side
I take stock of my brain
to see which parts have not
leaked out through my ear.
I am always most pleased to discover
that the parts dedicated to loving you
are still firmly in place,
right where they belong.

The backstory: I have a horrible memory. This has long been a bit of a private joke with my darling wife. One day, years ago, I said something about how my brain must have leaked out of my head while I was sleeping on my side. I was very proud of myself for formulating such a clever idea. But Beth told me that it was not actually my own original idea. According to her, it was something she had said about me some time earlier. Though I have absolutely no recollection of her version of the idea's origin. Like I said, I have a horrible memory.

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