Thursday, April 6, 2006

The Big Lottery Win

Well, I mentioned earlier that it would probably take me a while to get really ramped up on this blogging thing. But so far it seems both easy and enjoyable, so I think I'll get there without losing interest along the way.

Here's the latest news to report:

  1. After getting home from the movie tonight, I checked my lottery tickets from the $150+ million Powerball (4/1). Zero hits on ticket 1. Zero hits on ticket 2. And a big $7 win on ticket number 3. I believe that effectively doubles my lifetime lottery winnings.
  2. Beth took me to see V for Vendetta tonight. I thought it was fantastic! I'm only a few pages into the book (Beth's more than halfway through). We're both enjoying it so far. She tells me that the book is quite different from the movie (or vice-versa). But even if the book turns out to be much better than the movie, I'm not going to let that detract from my opinion of the movie. I'm funny that way.
  3. Yesterday evening we returned home from a few days spent back in MD. Work had me come down for a few days in-office to break the monotony of my telecommuting and to meet the folks who have been hired since we moved north at the end of August. The "excuse" for the timing was to attend the annual meeting at the start of the new fiscal year. Sadly, while the fiscal year started on schedule, the meeting has been postponed until some as-yet undetermined date. The days in the office felt much less productive than days spent here. But it was good to see the folks I knew and to meet the folks I didn't.
  4. Sunday we got to see family. Monday evening, we got together with Jim and Suzanne and their home zoo—including a couple of octopus hatchlings. On Tuesday evening, we got together with Joan and Carl. All of that visiting was really nice. That's what makes us wish we could stay longer.
  5. On the other hand, we missed our own little beasties. It was nice getting back to them yesterday. Newton, having messed in his box a little (which was expected) seems unfazed by the experience of spending a few days without us (unexpected). Sherman, on the other hand, was really quite clingy last night.
  6. Beth, formerly frightened of flying, is now seemingly completely at-ease with the whole process. On the way back, she got to be picked for a random search. I'm not sure whether that beats my lottery win, but it's certainly up there.
I guess that's enough for tonight.

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  1. To make this story even more exciting: On the next drawing, I won another 3 dollars!