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Adding My Voice to a Chorus

I hardly ever do any posting to The Repeal of Gravity Blog nowadays. Mostly I do my online posting to my Facebook account, which is set up with privacy protections so that I'm sharing with my small group of friends and my somewhat larger but still pretty smallish group of Friends. Today I'm reposting something here that I posted there last week, simply because I want to make sure that it really is a public declaration. This is not my best piece of writing. It's not the most important thing I've ever said. It's not the thing that I would most want to be remembered for. I merely want to add my voice, unabashedly, to a righteous chorus [however small, however quiet]. What follows is that contribution. -------------- Anyone with a working brain and any sense of the world knows that heinous terrorist acts committed in the name of Islam and/or Allah are not in any way representative of Muslims in general. Likewise, anyone who's been paying attention in the last