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Poem #206

The repercussions
of long discussions
can be deep and wide and troubling.
For strong protection
try misdirection.
Perhaps mention tripling or bubbling.8/1/02010

Did you notice the "misdirection"? If you were paying attention, you were likely waiting for a rhyme with "troubling" and the setup word of "tripling" should have led you to expect "doubling". But then I threw in "bubbling" instead. Okay, so it's gimmicky. What do you want? I'm providing these free of charge.

Poem #205

If I start to pant
but I'm still unable to breathe
and my skin breaks out in hives,
please don't — you can't —
I don't want you to leave
or force feed my sour cream and chives.7/31/02010

I don't remember composing this one, but it sure seems like it was strictly an exercise in rhyme.

Poem #204

Once I am dead
I won't need a bed.
For I won't do any more sleeping.
Nor will I require
any fancy attire
or alarm clock to wake me with beeping.7/30/02010