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An Atheist Issues a Serious "Gratitude Challenge"

Warning: I am an atheist. If you are "a believer", gird your loins before proceeding! Continuing to read this post won't hurt [really!]. It won't even challenge your faith. Not a bit. Really! But it might offend you if you're not prepared and if you're insecure or way too sensitive. Why? Because I think your religion is nonsense, especially if it's an organized religion, and I don't pretend otherwise. Take a second, get prepared, and read on! ------ About a month ago, I was tagged to do this "Gratitude Challenge" that's been going around on Facebook. I took it seriously, mostly. Instead of rattling off three sentences a day, I wrote a bunch of little essays. I have a tendency to get wordy when I write. That's sort of a general trend. I don't expect that all of my Friends read all of it. I think that would be unreasonable. But I do always hope that a good number of them read at least a good amount. In case you want to read wh