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Poem #172

Before their sentence
from a fruit-loving judge,
several defendants
(for stealing some fudge)
went out and planted
a nice lemon tree
in hopes they'd be granted
some rare clemency.6/30/02010

I think this is one of my best.

Poem #171

I like when you are happy.
I don't like when you are sad.
Your happiness is good for me.
It makes me feel so glad.6/29/02010

Another gushy love poem.

Poem #170

I live for your hugs.
I live for your kisses.
I live for your loving,
my wonderful Mrs.6/28/02010

A gushy love poem.

Poem #169

I loved when you told me
about your dream
and made me laugh
out loud.
You should read my bestselling book.6/28/02010

My darling wife had a hilarious dream in which she and a friend were being accosted by a group of women who kept pushing these pamphlets at them and institing that "you should read my bestselling book!" Eventually, the friend was turned into a "bestselling book" pamphlet peddler.

Poem #168

When you are sleeping
your eyes are hidden from view
by your own eyelids.6/28/02010

Haikus are easy!

Poem #167

I want to see you smile and laugh and dance with joy
as if you had just found a wonderful new toy.6/26/02010

Third in a series.

Poem #166

Thanks for loving me as I am
and not insisting I eat spam.6/26/02010

Also short and goofy.

Poem #165

I'm so glad you came back home
instead of extending your long roam.6/26/02010

Short and goofy.

Poem #164

excitement and eagerness
tomorrow comes soon!6/24/02010

A haiku in anticipation of my darling wife's return home from her vacation.

Draw a Bird Day, 02011

Yesterday was Draw a Bird Day. This is a "holiday" that I didn't know about until yesterday evening. Still, I participated. Here's my bird:

I've titled this one Awkward, Undaunted.


Also, I know it's been a long time since I've posted a poem. [Not that anyone's noticed.] There are poems waiting. I've just been busy not typing them up. A shame too, considering that we're now deep into National Poetry Month. I promise that I'll resume posting poems by the end of the month.