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Coming Soon (perhaps)

Well, it'll probably take me a good while to really get this blog going with a full head of steam. I figure it might be worthwhile to start a list of topics I hope to hit on in the not-too-distant future. Let's call it a "Coming Soon (perhaps)" list. So, in no particular order (and with no firm promise that I'll actually get around to all of these), here's a start: On solipsism (a long-time fascination). What of this immigration reform brouhaha? Reflections on participation in NaNoWriMo 2005...and whether 2006 will see a return visit. On the extreme unlikelihood of time travel. "It's okay to be inept as long as you're inert." (A commentary about what went wrong in the G.W. Bush saga.) Designing and implementing the first ever meaningful time-travel experiment. MAKE just can't find better! It's a beautiful spring day...shouldn't I be out throwing sticks? Marc Andreessen and Tim appreciation for th

The Repeal of Gravity Blog

This blog is my new little side-project. In the interest of transparency, it's important to state that the point of this blog is as a supporting device to my web site at . My hope is that if you've stumbled upon my blog, whether you choose to read it regularly or find it unworthy of your time, you will at least do me the favor of visiting my web site and giving some thought to it. If you dig the message, please spread the word. That site is fairly static, because it is intended as a means of getting a specific message out to the world. The blog, on the other hand, will (if all goes well) be a much more fluid endeavor, where I post off-topic and tangential musings. It seems that blogs are good for building community in a way that static web sites are not. To the extent that that's the case, and to the extent that blogging actually turns out to be as easy as my darling wife has made it seem (even though her own blog has been dor