Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Family of Loons

Yesterday, Beth was working and I was not. After I joined her for her lunch break, I swiped her car, loaded it up with my kayak and gear, and went out to Grafton Pond. I spent about an hour and a quarter on the water. As I was heading back to shore, I came across a family of two adult loons and one baby:

Adult loon, swimming.

Adult loon, stretching its wings.

Adult loon and baby loon.

My photographic skills are not quite brilliant, but I'm happy enough with these shots that I'm willing to share them.

I believe these are the first loons I've ever seen in the wild. Awfully pretty birds, they are.


  1. Glad to see you two are into Kayaking. I as well have taken up the sport. There are almost an infinite number of waterways to navigate around the OBX so next time you come down for a visit, you must bring your Kayaks along. The pics of loons are great. I encountered my first loon a couple of years ago. Seems there a frequest visitor to the banks. They don't walk, so when they are really tired they "beach" themselves. Town Hall/the Police Station gets several calls a year from worried tourists who think the birds are injured when in fact they're just really tired! They are very cool birds.

  2. your right your photographic skills are BEYOND brilliant.

  3. Well, I'll definitely take that as a compliment. Thanks so much! (blushing)