Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Finally, Some Elvis Pics

As mentioned a while ago, Beth and I went out to Vegas for wedding anniversary #3 to get our vows renewed with Elvis. Here are some pictures from that occasion:

Elvis presiding

Elvis and us

Suki Suki

The beautiful bride and that fella she loves

Graceland Wedding Chapel

All very tasteful, no?


  1. Hmmmm,

    Drs. Cassorlas, I think you've been had. I need to check the field guide to confirm this, but I'm fairly certain that's an Elvis Impersonator Impersonator.

    That aside, I'm inspired by the abounding smiles. Congratulations on 3k and many many more! (Can you remember where you were 2 years ago today?)


  2. If I recall correctly, we were attending your nuptials, having rushed back from a New Hampshire vacation the night before.

    Which means that yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of my realisation that this is the election cycle for me to make my run at the presidency. Congratulations to you and yours on "2k", and many more to you as well.

    Cheers, indeed!

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