Monday, December 20, 2010

Poem #94

Do opossums
sniff our blossoms
when we're busy cooking?

Do armadillos
use our pillows
when we are not looking?

A tired crocodile
might still walk a mile
to avoid ever crossing your path.

Do you think a hoot owl
would prefer a blue towel
to dry off after taking a bath?

Would a bashful giraffe
stifle her laugh
to make sure that you wouldn't hear it?

Would a brave little lizard
go out in a blizzard
just to prove that he doesn't fear it?

Would a laughing hyena
get in between a
pachyderm and a peanut?

You'd never believe the devastation
caused by an angry crustacean
even if you had seen it.

I suspect Swedish rabbits
like to dress in nuns' habits —
something I don't ever witness.

I'm sure many parrots
enjoy eating carrots —
they're quite good for ocular fitness.

Secretive little foxes
might rearrange your boxes
if you promise to pay no attention.

Clumsy polar bears
may cause solar flares,
which it's wise to never mention.
4/14/02010 – 4/19/02010

This was composed over the course of six days. I sent two stanzas per day to my darling wife. I'm posting them here together as if they are one poem, which really they kind of are.

I think there's the kernel of a children's book in here somewhere.

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