I've Been Selected!

I received word yesterday evening that I have been selected to show a couple of drawings in the Juried Regional Exhibition at Newport's Library Arts Center. This is the second consecutive year in which I have been given this honor. The exhibition will open to the public on Friday, May 4, 02012. I am extremely excited about this opportunity.

What thrills me even more is that I have been selected to participate in the 02013 Selections Exhibit at the same gallery. That's a group show that will include the work of just seven artists. In that show, we'll get to show more than just two works apiece. I have not gotten any details yet about how many pieces I'll be able to show or whether they have to be new works or who gets to decide which pieces are included. I'm sure all will be revealed in due time. For now, I'm just over the proverbial moon about having been chosen. It's something that I basically set for myself as a "lifetime goal" within the last couple of years. Now that it's been achieved [the invitation, not the showing], I guess I have to set a new lifetime goal for myself. Perhaps I'll aim for a solo show sometime in the future. That'd be a real dream come true.

Anyway, It occurred to me that while my friends on Facebook have been privy to my "artwork", the general public has for the most part been able to see very little of it on the interwebs. I figure I might as well take this opportunity to rectify that with a blog post. My blog has been largely dormant in recent months. This is as good an excuse as any to add something to it. So, in case anyone's interested in seeing what I do, here are some examples of my work:

This is an old drawing from when I was in college. That'd make it approximately twenty years old.
This was from shortly after I left college. It must be at least seventeen years old at this point [and probably more like nineteen].
The rest of these are from my "resurgence" — within the last two years.
All the works I'm including in this post are drawn in charcoal, my favorite medium to work with.
I am not including the drawings that are going to be included in this year's Juried Regional Exhibition.
I'm also not including the drawings that were included in last year's Juried Regional Exhibition.
There's no particular justifiable rationale for these exclusions.
And of course you're encouraged to come see the shows when they're open.


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